General transport terms and conditions and ticket policy
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Terms & Conditions


General transport terms and conditions and ticket policy.


You should always purchase a ticket. Be ready to show your paper or digital ticket at all times. If you have a return ticket, ensure that your travel dates are showing on the ticket. You can book tickets from our online booking systems (link), from partner websites, via email or via telephone *39 0974 1984230). Remember to take note of the provided ticket number. Please be aware that all tickets are non refundable. Please show your ticket upon request. If you are found without a ticket or without proof of purchase, you will be asked to purchase a new ticket as well as paying a fine equivalent to double the price of the ticket. Your full name should always be indicated on the ticket. We don't allow minors under the age of 14 if they aren't accompanied by an adult. For all minors from the age of 15 to 18, we require a parent's or tutor written permission to travel. We allow small animals on board, although they need to be in transport cases. Your ticket includes 1 piece of luggage only. The luggage will be placed in the designed storage area. We don't take any responsibility for any valuables left in the storage area. We don't recommend carrying on board any valuables, unless you have insurance. Please indicate on the suitcases in a legible way your full name. In case luggage is lost and then found, you can pick it up from the depo. Please arrive at the bus stops before the departure time to avoid delays.

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